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50 Years


For the past 50 years, Roche Bail Bonds has served the United States as a nationally certified bail agency. Open 24/7/365, Roche offers immediate nationwide assistance in a professional and caring manner.

Highly trained and dedicated professionals courteously deal with customers, answer questions and stay involved throughout the entire process. Roche Bail Bonds offers over 4 decades of experience.


Roche Bail Bonds offers:

  • Nationwide Bail Bond Postings 24/7/365
  • Self-Arrest Bonds
  • Warrant Checks
  • Accepts All Major Credit Cards

Roche offers convenience, reliability and experienced professionals, Roche Bail Bonds is your one-stop bail agency in Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida. Our team is standing by to service all your bail needs.

Our Mission Statement:

To Offer Immediate Nationwide Assistance to our Clients in a Professional and Caring Manner that is Unsurpassed in the Industry, Regardless of How Large or Small the Need.


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