Let’s get right to it, what is a bail bond agent? A bail bond agent is an individual appointed by an insurer to execute bail bonds in connection with court proceedings and who therefore receives or is promised money or other things of value (collateral) in return for issuing a bail bond.

A bail agent is can be an agency, person, or corporation that pledges property or money as bail and acts as a surety for a defendant who is supposed to appear in court.

After you have contacted a bail agent, the agent will post the bail after they have received a non-refundable fee. Many people pay cash for a bail agent; however, agents can be rewarded with other items like securities, electronics, and jewelry.

All About Bail Agents

All bail agents have to be licensed and have a building suitable and accessible to the public to render service during reasonable business hours.

Something important to remember is the defendant is responsible for the agent’s fee while the agent renumerates the premium to the insurance company. Then, the agent is completely in charge of clearing the payment. If the agent’s client does not appear in court, the bond will pay the court.

Bail bond agents need to be sure that their clients show up to their court proceedings, so the bail agents need to be in constant contact with the client. The defendant may contact them by using their phone at regular times or finding another way to monitor them.

If the defendant fails to show up, the court will be obliged to give out a bench warrant. A bench warrant is a written order issued by a judge authorizing the arrest of a person charged with some contempt, crime, or misdemeanor.

Unfortunately, if the client fails to appear, the bail agent is tasked with hiring a bounty hunter to bring the defendant in.

Bail agents can be very helpful for someone in a time of need and if the client can appear in court and follow the rules, paying a bond will be an easy and stress-free task for you or a loved one.