Located within minutes of the Hillsborough County Jail, Roche Bail Bonds has been serving Tampa, Tampa Heights, Ybor City, Brandon and throughout Hillsborough County for more than 40 years.

In addition to providing bail bonds throughout Hillsborough County, we also want to offer help to people prepared to proactively deal with self-arrest warrants. A self-arrest warrant is a warrant that the defendant is aware has been issued and it will result in arrest if a law enforcement officer is encountered before the arrest warrant has been handled. You can place a call today to speak with our Tampa bail bond agents about all our bail bond services.

The Roche Bail Bonds agents in Tampa can also help determine if there is a warrant issued for your arrest. When a bail bond specialist is not involved, a phone call to the local police station is the only option to learn if a warrant for arrest exists. This phone call is likely to result in questions you may not be prepared to answer. The warrant check services we offer make Roche Bail Bonds your advocate and we will contact local police on your behalf. No matter if you need a warrant check completed to start a new job downtown, criminal background check, or a check before arrest, our bail bonds agency offers unique solutions to serve any number of scenarios.

For a Tampa defendant who does appear before a judge, it is important to understand that GPS monitoring can be ordered if you are released on bond. The SCRAM GPS monitoring option available through Roche Bail Bonds is a system that combines high-level location accuracy, industry-leading strap design, superior battery life, and software tools that help officers manage their caseload. For offenders who require 24/7 location monitoring, SCRAM GPS is a revolutionary technology that eliminates false alarms and provides immediate notifications, so police can act with expedience. SCRAM GPS also offers highly accurate location monitoring of individual violent offenders facing sex crime and domestic violence charges. The goal is to help law enforcement officers efficiently supervise clients while protecting the community.

In addition to helping people who have experience securing bail and bail bonds, our Tampa bail bonds agents can help educate family members and defendants who have never had to secure bail. Expected questions include all of the following:

  • What is a bail bond?
  • Is there a bail hearing?
  • How long is a bail bond valid?
  • How do I pay the bail bond?

Roche Bail Bonds in Tampa can help you with:

  • Nationwide Bail Bond Posting 24/7/365
  • Self-Arrest or walk-thru bonds
  • Warrant Checks

Roche Bail Bonds – Hillsborough County Bail Agency

Roche Bail Bonds can be found at 1906 Orient Rd in Tampa. We offer you convenience, reliability, and experienced bail bonds professionals. We are your one-stop bail agency for Hillsborough County bail needs. The bail bondsmen who work in our office are standing by to service all your bail needs. All major credit cards are accepted by Roche Bail Bonds.