Florida Cash Bail

The Florida defendant, or a person on his or her behalf, is required to pay the court an ordered amount of money to be released from jail. The accused and the person acting as the co-signer, if one is necessary, must sign the bond that guarantees he or she will appear in-person at future court dates. There are times that the court will accept full payment using a checking account or credit card.

Options When Florida Cash Bail Is Ordered

  • Remain in a local jail, like Hillsborough County Jail, awaiting case disposition
  • Remain in jail and request that your attorney attempt to get a bond reduction hearing be scheduled, if the bail bond is to large to pay
  • To pay the full bail bond amount in cash. This will be returned when the court case is over
  • Place a phone call to a Tampa bail bondsman, or a Tampa surety agent, who will require that you pay 10% of the bond amount. This 10% fee is not refundable, and it is rarely returned. Please Note: The percentage paid is mandated by state law in Florida, a Tampa bail agent may charge no more than 10% and no less than 10% of the court ordered bond.

Immigration Bail Bond

When a person is found to be in the United States illegally, he or she may be detained by ICE. An immigration bail bond is technically a surety bond and acts as a 3-party contract between DHS, the obligor and the Tampa bail agent, and the defendant. The obligor and the bail bondsman who guarantee to Homeland Security that the accused, when released on bail bond, will be present for each Notice to Appear in the future. In turn, any person who co-signs guarantees to the Tampa bondsman that he or she will play an active role in making sure that the defendant appears when necessary. This type of bond can be quite expensive because it must pass through multiple federal offices. The bond contract co-signer, usually a member of the family of the detainee, guarantees to pay the total amount of the bond if the defendant does not abide by the schedule of appearances.

Florida Citation Releases

When a law enforcement officer arrests an individuals for a minor issue, like a traffic offense, the law enforcement body may release the accused immediately with a citation. The citation is a written charge and information on the date and time of the scheduled court appearance. In most situations, there is no bail bond required for the citation release.

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